The 21 day MASSIVE Goal Setting Masterclass.

AT LAST!... a proven, research based goal setting model, that in just 21 days can give you all the information you need to start achieving your massive goal!

When used, has a proven increase of productivity by an average of 26.5% !!!

Join our VIP wait list and as a thank you, receive a short video that will help you to focus on your goals and start taking action. Also, you would be the first to receive information and a bonus VIP free to join webinar prior to the launch.

Get on the VIP launch wait list now for our 21 day MASSIVE Goal Setting Masterclass and receive a complimentary video that will get you on your way towards starting your MASSIVE goal, and access to a Q&A webinar with David Hyner prior to the launch on the 1st November 2022.

  • Are you tired of wanting more from life but then settling for mediocrity… AT BEST?!
  • Have “smart” or “realistic & achievable” goals held you back for too long?
  • Afraid to take action in case you fail?
  • Maybe you lack the confidence or knowledge to set, then work on your goal?
  • Is the thought of having to work hard putting you off starting?
  • Lacking motivation and allowing procrastination to kick in a problem?
  • Maybe you need one of the following and just do not know where… or how to start?
    More customers, more money, learn new skills, get a qualification, have an adventure, get happy, commit, leave your job, start a business, overcome fear, get more motivated, write the book, or maybe you just want to get more done in your day?

If any of the above rings true for you then take our great new video course
that will give you all you need to take action.

Following our MASSIVE goal setting model you can “be better than average” ….. most people dream about achieving big but really, all they want is to be a little better than average?

The recorded “average” increase in productivity when using our model is 26.5% !!!

Have the support and accountability to push through that procrastination.

You are given the skills and confidence to both set and achieve your goal.

Use a process that already helped so many “normal” people like us to achieve their MASSIVE goals.

This low cost investment could be the best thing you do this year, and costs less than a 

Husqvarna 520iHD 60cm Cordless Hedgecutter

…. YES!... less than a hedge cutter!!!
I mean, would you rather trim the hedge or start achieving your goals?

Use a proven, high impact, and “easy to apply” goal setting process that has already helped over 1.2 MILLION delegates.

Just 1hr a day for 21 days on our course will give you all you need to start on your MASSIVE Goal journey, as so many before you have done.

Bonuses for signing up?

Our VIP wait list receive a bonus video, a free to join webinar, and during the 21 day programme itself, have exclusive free access to two other great video courses that bolster your learning.

This programme will have a limited number of delegates for the launch premiere so be the first to take control of your goals and register now.

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