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Giving you the soft skills that enables you to become an even more effective professional and personable teacher for our young adults.

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Stretch gives your students, staff and parents the skills and confidence they need on key skills like;

  • Raising aspirations – fun, challenging goal setting talks & workshops
  • Raising attainment – revision & memory skills
  • Motivational sessions
  • Staff CPD and speakers for awards events
  • Self-esteem & confidence building
  • Taking personal responsibility

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Congratulations and welcome to the Stretch Academy! 

We hope to provide you with incredible "soft" skills development to enhance your productivity, performance and effectiveness as a teaching professional. Thus, you get to make a real, lasting difference to the lives of your students. 

Rather than inundate you with content, you will get access to the latest module dripped to you in bite-size chunks during each working day. 

Each month, we will host a live webinar that will be for teachers by teachers. The aim is to share best practice and new creative ideas that you may have found helpful as a teacher. 

You will be notified about the webinar and invited to contribute via email. 

Please watch the video to get a full explanation of what to expect from being a member of the Stretch Academy. 

You have been specifically invited to offer your feedback, suggestions and recommendations to help us help you enhance your self-mastery. Feel free to make your suggestions in the Comments section after each module. 

We wish you the best of success on your journey with us!

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Course outline includes...


Memory Mastery

Memory is the foundation of enhancing learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Students with good memory can and often do perform well in school, excel in examinations and achieve better grades.

Yet,  nobody is born with sharp memory skills. They have to hone these skills with time.


Podcasts from top achievers giving you their insight on skills that we all can apply in our everyday daily lives to be much more productive; including Danielle Brown (MBE) who is a British competitive archer. She has competed in the Paralympic Games winning gold medals in Beijing and London and has also won medals shooting in t the Commonwealth Games.

Monday Morning Memes

Each one of these memes are there to provoke thinking, emotionally uplift (potentially!) and inspire action. 

Feel free to use that for yourself as well as to share these across this week with your students as talking points, posters or to use in tutor groups or assemblies. These 5 memes are focused on taking responsibility for your own success. 


Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Hagley School, Worcs

“I cannot imagine any school regretting bringing David Hyner in to work with its students.
I have had the pleasure of hosting David Hyner to my school three times to run half day workshops for Year 12 and for Year 13.
Many Year 13 students said that they regarded David’s talks as the most valuable input they had received throughout the whole of the Sixth Form.”

University of Bradford

Students have gone from D’s to A’s in four weeks! One student got mentoring from former President Obama. Students have written books, started businesses, smashed exam grades, improved behaviour and attendance, and much more.
“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for an excellent afternoon of motivation and team building. The whole team have been talking about going Rhino ever since and about creating motivational pyramids.”

David Hyner


David is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose.
He brings a sense of humour and authenticity to a subject he has been researching over the last 23 years.

He’s carried out 250+ interviews with top achievers and takes inspiration from this research to see how this learning, behaviour and wisdom can be applied to get better results...

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